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COVID-19 (coronavirus) – Company Update- ALL LOCATIONS

As we make every attempt to balance our decisions to remain open we are carefully considering our customer’s basic needs, where possible continuing to provide work for our employees and most importantly keeping everyone as safe as possible. In our locations where we are remaining open, we are continuing to maintain a heavy focus on social distancing and stringent sanitation of our showrooms and communal spaces. We are endeavoring to provide safety gloves and cleaning supplies along with zone assignment for regular attention to cleanliness standards.

If your location has open hours, we want to make clear your attendance is strictly voluntary. For store, sales and warehouse staff if you have not been directed to stay home this week please communicate with your supervisor about your attendance so your time can be accurately recorded.


Open— Wednesday through Sunday (10am-6pm)- limited staff

The Dumps (Outer Market and Virginia)

Closed–Monday through Thursday

Open–Friday through Sunday (12pm-6pm)- limited staff



IL- closed

As always, stayed tuned as this is subject to change. Stay safe and well.

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