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COVID-19 (coronavirus) – Company Update

Last updated on March 19, 2020

To All Employees: —– (Supervisor for those employees who do not have access to email please distribute this notice and post in the break rooms).

Every effort is being made to stabilize the business and support our employees. It is our intention to provide you with regular updates about the day to day operations of our business. We recognize this information will help you stay informed, reduce stress and allow you to make plans related to your personal circumstances.  The following is the most up to date communication points we want to convey—

  • By now your supervisor should have discussed your schedule and status. One of the following statuses should apply to you–
  1. Essential personnel reporting to work location.
  2. Essential personnel telecommuting
  3. Temporary pay practice leave and/or reduced schedule .

If you still have questions about your status please contact your supervisor or HR for assistance. For your convenience an updated copy of the Temporary Pay Practice is attached.

Other communication focused efforts are —

  • Coming soon an employee dedicated website will be available for you to access current and factual information about the business. Once up and running you will be able to review updates and send communications/questions. We also encourage you to send information about your local community and business activities you think may be helpful to share. We are also exploring the option to provide live chat for our employees. More to come.
  • In our next communication we will be providing location specific telephone numbers that will give recorded updates with status information.  
  • Please ensure your information is updated in Kronos (address, email, telephone contact number etc.). This will help us reach out to you directly if needed.

If you have any other questions or concerns you want to discuss or report, your Human Resources Team remains available and committed to supporting you.

HR Contact #  (757) 552-1500 or email

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