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A Message from EJ Strelitz

To my associates–

We are welcoming customers (10a-6p) Thursday through Saturday, (11a-6p) on Sunday and planning the same for The Dumps Friday through Sunday.  We are ratcheting back receiving, transfers and deliveries (details tomorrow). Sales associates will be asked to work in smaller shifts through Sunday (PA excluded as a mandatory closing is in effect). All nonessential associates will work shortened schedules- to be communicated from your supervisor tomorrow. Teleworking is encouraged where practical. We are planned out through Sunday. We will communicate plans for post-Sunday operations as soon as possible. And of course, all this is subject to change.

This message is meant to update previous official communications (not to confuse!) However, the up to 2 week “sick pay” will now be extended to hourly and salaried folks who will miss work through Sunday. Temporary compensation changes for our incredibly valued sales associates are now top of my mind and will be communicated ASAP (delivered business appears ok through current pay period). We’ll get creative.

Randi, I and our family and the leadership team appreciate your strength and loyalty.

Love to all of you and yours. Sleep well. Safety first.

EJ and Randi.

*Supervisor for those employees who do not have access to email please distribute this notice and post in the break rooms

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